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NTSB Training Center. 


NTSB Training Center  •  45065 Bles Park Drive •  Ashburn, Virginia 20147  •  571-223-3900

Driving Directions From Downtown Washington (30 miles)

Map showing GWU-Ashburn campus. 

Cross the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge and proceed west on I-66 for approximately 8 miles.

Take Exit 67 towards Dulles Airport . (This is a right lane exit, just past the Sycamore Street/Falls Church Exit.)

Continue along this road, following signs for "Route 267, To All Local Exits ." Stay in the right two lanes.

When you come to the Y, veer right towards "Route 267, To All Local Exits ".

Follow signs that indicate "267 Toll West" and "267 West, To All Local Exits". Do not exit left onto the "No Toll Dulles Access Road" (which runs parallel to the Toll Road).

Go through the toll booth (75 cents).

Continue approximately 11 miles and take Exit 9B, Route 28 North/Sully Road . (This is the last exit before the airport.)

Go through the toll booth (50 cents).

Proceed approximately 5 miles. Route 28 connects (and ends) at Route 7.

Follow signs to Leesburg - West (a left exit).

As you come off the ramp onto Route 7 stay in the right lane for approximately ½ mile.

From the Route 7 ramp make a right onto Route 607 North.

Proceed to the stop sign.

Turn right onto George Washington Blvd . (The corner will be marked by a low brick wall designating University Center.)

Continue along George Washington Blvd. for ½ mile and take a left on Bles Park Drive.

The NTSB Training Center is on the left side of the road. It is a large brick red complex of two attached buildings. The address is 45065 Bles Park Drive, Ashburn, Virginia.