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FOIA Library
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 FOIA Library

The FOIA Library provides links to publicly available information.


The FOIA Reading Room provides responses to FOIA Frequently Requested information, manuals and reports.


In addition, for more information :

> See the NTSB Accident Docket system for specific accident investigations

  • 1644 accident dockets added for FY 2018

> See the NTSB Opinions and Orders for specific case decisions

  • 15 Opinions and Orders added for FY 2018 

> Or search the NTSB website for other publicly available information

  • 185 Safety Recommendations added for FY 2018
  • 105 Accident Publications added for FY 2018
  • 6 Safety Alerts added for FY 2018
  • 4 Safety Studies added for FY 2018
  • 88 Press Releases added for FY 2018
  • 52 Board Member speeches, etc. added for FY 2018

NTSB FOIA Contacts

Chief FOIA Officer: Director, Office of the Chief Information Officer

The Chief FOIA Officer is a senior official who oversees the NTSB's FOIA program.

FOIA Public Liaison: Melba D. Moye
Chief, Records Management Division, (202) 314-6540

The FOIA Public Liaison serves as the supervisory official to whom a FOIA requester can raise concerns about the service the FOIA requester has received from the FOIA Requester Service Center, following an initial response from the Service Center staff.

FOIA Requester Service Center for the NTSB: (202) 314-6540 or (800) 877-6799 The FOIA Requester Service Center specialists assist FOIA requesters seeking information concerning their FOIA requests or the agency's FOIA response.