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Accident Report Detail

Hazardous Liquid Petroleum Products Pipeline Rupture, Colonial Pipeline Company

Executive Summary

Probable Cause

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was pipe rupture initiated by environment-induced cracking in an area of pipe coating failure. A contributing factor to the failure was the relatively low fracture toughness of the pipe. Contributing to the severity of the accident was Colonial Pipeline Company's failure to determine from the supervisory control and data acquisition system that a leak had occurred, with the result that the pipeline controller started and restarted the pipeline, thereby increasing the amount of diesel fuel that was released.

Accident Location: Knoxville , TN    
Accident Date: 2/10/1999
Accident ID: DCA99MP005

Date Adopted: 3/28/2001
NTSB Number: PAB-01-01
NTIS Number:  

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