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Safety Recommendation Details

Safety Recommendation H-01-037
Synopsis: On January 28, 2000, about 5:56 a.m. in Glendale, California, a tractor-combination vehicle, operated by Mercury Transportation, Inc., was transporting an oil refinery condenser unit. The vehicle missed a turn in its planned route, traversed a highway-railroad grade crossing, turned around, and was attempting to retraverse the crossing when it became lodged on the railroad tracks. About 90 seconds later, northbound Metrolink commuter train 901, operated by the Southern California Regional Rail Authority, collided with the semitrailer. The engineer, conductor, and four passengers received minor injuries. Total damages were estimated to be over $2 million.
Recommendation: The NTSB recommends that the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association: Notify your members of the circumstances of the Glendale, California, accident and during in-service training for heavy-haul drivers, (1) highlight the potential hazards associated with moving low-clearance trailers over grade crossings and (2) emphasize the need to notify the railroads before an oversize/overweight vehicle is escorted across a highway/rail grade crossing.
Original recommendation transmittal letter: PDF
Overall Status: Closed - Acceptable Action
Mode: Highway
Location: Glendale, CA, United States
Is Reiterated: No
Is Hazmat: No
Accident #: HWY00FH027
Accident Reports: Collision Between Metrolink Train 901 and Mercury Transportation, Inc., Tractor- Semitrailer at Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing
Report #: HAR-01-02
Accident Date: 1/28/2000
Issue Date: 12/20/2001
Date Closed: 7/29/2005
Addressee(s) and Addressee Status: Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (Closed - Acceptable Action)
Keyword(s): Training and Education, Rail Crossing

Safety Recommendation History
From: NTSB
To: Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association
Date: 7/29/2005
Response: The Safety Board is pleased that, as requested, the SC&RA recently published an article in the SC&RA Newsletter regarding oversize/overweight accidents. Because the article reaches all members, Safety Recommendation H-01-37 is classified Closed Acceptable Action.

From: NTSB
To: Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association
Date: 7/22/2002
Response: The SC&RA has been working with Safety Board staff to educate its members regarding oversize/overweight accidents, and Safety Board staff have participated in SC&RA's recent conferences. While this is certainly beneficial, the intent of Safety Recommendation H-01-37 is specifically to educate all SC&RA members of the facts and circumstances of the Glendale, California, accident. Enclosed with this letter is an article that the Safety Board drafted addressing the Glendale accident; we encourage you to publish it in your SC&RA Newsletter. This would satisfy this recommendation and reach all members, including those members who were unable to attend the transportation and safety conferences referenced in your letter. Pending consideration of this request, Safety Recommendation H-01-37 is classified "Open--Acceptable Response."

From: Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association
Date: 3/12/2002
Response: Letter Mail Controlled 03/27/2002 6:41:20 PM MC# 2020339 With specific reference to H-01-32, -33 and -37, SC&RA has been actively working with the NTSB over the course of the past 20 months to educate our members on oversize/overweight transportation accidents. NTSB has made presentations at 3 SC&&A transportation and safety conferences within the last 12 months on the Intercession City, Florida and Glendale, California accidents. SC&&A has also cooperated with NTSB in publishing information on state laws and regulations as they pertain to grade crossings. As additional information is compiled, SC&RA is committed to continuing education.