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Safety Recommendation Details

Safety Recommendation H-18-051
Synopsis: On Saturday, May 14, 2016, shortly before 11:24 a.m., central daylight time, a 1998 Van Hool 49-passenger motorcoach, operated by OGA Charters LLC of San Juan, Texas, was traveling northbound on US Highway 83 near Laredo, Texas. The motorcoach entered a horizontal curve to the right, and, as itmoved through the curve, it drifted from its lane to the left. After the motorcoach drifted left, the driver steered to the right and applied the brakes, which resulted in the vehicle’s loss of control, so that it slid and yawed clockwise. The motorcoach departed the right, or east, side of the highway and, after entering the earthen right-of-way, overturned onto its left side. Nine passengers died, 36 passengers experienced minor-to-serious injuries, and the motorcoach driver and trip coordinator were treated for minor injuries. The injury severity for five passengers could not be determined.
Recommendation: TO THE FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION: Develop and publish explicit guidance for certified medical examiners (CMEs) to use when making medical certification decisions regarding drivers with diabetes who are not treated with insulin. At a minimum, this guidance should recommend that every certification examination of a non-insulin-treated driver with diabetes document the results of a recent hemoglobin A1C test, any symptomatic hypoglycemia episodes, and detailed findings from periodic evaluations for diabetic complications, including retinopathy, neuropathy, and nephropathy; and provide CMEs with explicit certification criteria, including certification time limits and disqualifying results.
Original recommendation transmittal letter: PDF
Overall Status: Open - Acceptable Response
Mode: Highway
Location: Laredo, TX, United States
Is Reiterated: No
Is Hazmat: No
Accident #: HWY16MH011
Accident Reports: ​Highway Preliminary Accident Report HWY16MH011Motorcoach Run-Off-the-Road and Overturn US Highway 83, Laredo, Texas, May 14, 2016
Report #: HAR-18-03
Accident Date: 5/14/2016
Issue Date: 12/4/2018
Date Closed:
Addressee(s) and Addressee Status: FMCSA (Open - Acceptable Response)

Safety Recommendation History
From: NTSB
Date: 5/1/2019
Response: We are encouraged by your plans to revise your diabetes assessment form to include non insulin-treated drivers with diabetes and to encourage the CMEs to use the updated form. These efforts show progress toward addressing the intent of this recommendation. Until these efforts are completed, Safety Recommendation H-18-51 is classified OPEN--ACCEPTABLE RESPONSE.

Date: 2/12/2019
Response: -From Raymond P. Martinez, Administrator: The FMCSA concurs with the NTSB's safety recommendation. To assist certified medical examiners (CMEs) with determining whether non-insulin treated diabetics should be medically certified, FM CSA will modify the Insulin-Treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment Form, MCSA-5870, to create a new form intended for use with non-insulin treated drivers with diabetes. The non-insulin treated diabetic driver's Treating Clinician will be able to use the form to document whether the driver has a stable treatment regimen and properly controlled diabetes. This form will also permit the Treating Clinician to document detailed information regarding the noninsulin treated diabetic driver's blood glucose self-monitoring records, severe hypoglycemic episodes, hemoglobin A 1 C test results, and diabetic complications. CMEs will be encouraged to use this form prior to making certification decisions involving non-insulin treated diabetics, but its use will be optional. FMCSA will publish the form in the Federal Register as an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved form. The FMCSA requests that the NTSB classify safety recommendation H-18-051 as "Open -Acceptable Response." If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Robert W. Miller, Director, Office of Policy, Strategic Planning, and Regulations.

From: NTSB
Date: 12/4/2018
Response: On November 7, 2018, the NTSB adopted its report Motorcoach Run-Off-the-Road and Overturn, US Highway 83, Laredo, Texas, May 14, 2016, NTSB/HAR-18/03. The details of the investigation and the resulting safety recommendations may be found in the attached report, which can also be accessed at Among the safety recommendations is one new recommendation issued to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which can be found on page 52 of the report. The report also reiterates two previous safety recommendations to the FMCSA, H-99-6 and H-12-17, which can be found on page 53 of the report. The NTSB is vitally interested in these recommendations because they are designed to prevent accidents and save lives. We would appreciate a response within 90 days, detailing the actions you have taken or intend to take to implement these recommendations. When replying, please refer to the safety recommendations by number. We encourage you to submit your response to If it exceeds 20 megabytes, including attachments, please e-mail us at the same address for instructions. Please do not submit both an electronic copy and a hard copy of the same response.