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Lessons Learned and Lives Saved, Second Edition
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  : Lessons Learned and Lives Saved, Second Edition
4/25/2006 12:00 AM


This report highlights some of the thousands of transportation safety improvements that have resulted from NTSB accident investigations and recommendations. Accidents have been prevented, lives saved and injuries reduced because of NTSB-inspired safety advances in all modes of transportation: aviation, highway, marine, railroad and pipeline. This reports also gives a brief history of the Safety Board, its responsibilities, and the legislation that created it, that strengthened its independence, and that has expanded its safety role over the years. This report includes information on the "Most Wanted List." The list focuses n additional safety advances the Safety Board strongly believes are needed to further increase transportation safety.

The Safety Board and the Law

Laws enacted by Congress give the Safety Board the mandate to determine the probable cause of the following:

  • All U.S. civil aviation accidents and certain public-use aircraft accidents
  • Selected highway accidents
  • Railroad accidents involving passenger trains or any train accident that results in at least one fatality or in major property damage
  • Major marine accidents and marine accidents involving a public and a nonpublic vessel
  • Pipeline accidents involving a fatality, substantial property damage, or significant injury to the environment
  • Releases of hazardous materials in all forms of transportation
  • Selected transportation accidents that involve problems of a recurring nature

These laws also give the Safety Board the authority to do the following:

  • Conduct special studies on safety problems
  • Maintain official U.S. census of aviation accidents
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of government agencies involved in transportation safety
  • Evaluate the safeguards used in the transportation of hazardous materials
  • Review appeals from airmen and merchant seamen whose certificates have been revoked or suspended
  • Review appeals from airmen, mechanics, and repairmen who have been assessed penalties by the FAA
  • Lead U.S. teams on foreign airline accident investigations to assist foreign authorities under provisions of the International
  • Civil Aviation Organization agreements
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of emergency responses to hazardous materials accidents
  • Coordinate Federal support services for functions of victims of major transportation accidents



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