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 News Releases Archives

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12/29/2015NTSB Updates Rules Regarding Board Products and Procedures For Hearings and Meetings
12/17/2015NTSB to Unveil 2016 Most Wanted List in January
12/16/2015NTSB Opens Docket on Collision Between Metro-North Train and SUV in New York
12/16/2015NTSB Issues Regulatory Changes to Streamline Reporting Requirement for Certain Aviation Resolution Advisories
12/9/2015NTSB Issues Safety Alert on Oversize Loads on Bridges
12/3/2015NTSB Releases Video Highlighting Importance of Procedural Compliance for Commercial Pilots
11/17/2015NTSB Determines Driver’s Likely Use of Synthetic Drug Caused Oklahoma Crash, Passengers Failure to Wear Seat Belts Contributed to Injuries
11/16/2015NTSB Completes Documentation of Sunken Cargo Ship EL FARO; Voyage Data Recorder Not Located
11/11/2015NTSB Launches Team to Akron, Ohio Accident
11/10/2015NTSB Presents Safety Seminar on Air Traffic Control
11/9/2015NTSB Docket, Video Available for ‘Humans and Hardware: Preventing General Aviation Inflight Loss of Control’
11/3/2015NTSB Investigative Update on Dynamic International Airways Flight 405
11/3/2015NTSB Update on El Faro Investigation
10/31/2015Wreckage of Cargo Ship Believed to be El Faro Located in More Than 15,000 Feet of Water
10/30/2015NTSB to Address Impact of Alcohol and Drug Impairment in Transportation on Public Health
10/30/2015NTSB: American Petroleum Institute’s New Recommended Practice for Pipeline Safety Management Systems Exceeds NTSB Recommendation
10/27/2015NTSB Passenger Tire Safety Report Cites Deficiencies in Registration and Recall System; Highlights Tire Aging and Maintenance
10/22/2015NTSB to Meet on Special Investigation Report on Selected Issues in Passenger Vehicle Tire Safety
10/21/2015NTSB Releases Final Report on 2013 Crash of de Havilland DHC-3 in Soldotna, Alaska
10/20/2015NTSB Issues Update on Investigation Into Sinking of Cargo Ship EL FARO
10/19/2015NTSB & DRIVESMART Virginia Host Northern VA Youth
10/13/2015NTSB to Hold Safety Forum on General Aviation Loss-of-Control Crashes
10/8/2015NTSB to Hold Fourth Media Briefing on El Faro Cargo Ship Accident
10/7/2015NTSB to Hold Joint Press Conference With Coast Guard on El Faro Cargo Ship Accident
10/6/2015NTSB Issues Second Update on British Airways Engine Fire at Las Vegas
10/6/2015Media briefing on Loss of Container Ship El Faro in Atlantic Tonight at 9 p.m.
10/5/2015Media Availability on Tuesday as NTSB Opens Investigation Into Loss of Container Ship in Atlantic Ocean
9/30/2015NTSB Makes Urgent Call for Direct Federal Safety Oversight of WMATA
9/29/2015NTSB Training Center Offers Accident Site Photography Course
9/24/2015NTSB Releases Agenda, Call for Questions, for General Aviation Safety Forum
9/24/2015NTSB Launches Go-Team to Multi-Vehicle Accident in Seattle, WA
9/23/2015NTSB Launches Team to Pipeline Accident in Virginia
9/16/2015NTSB Offers New Course on Mass Casualty Incidents
9/11/2015NTSB Publishes Interpretation Clarifying Definition of “Unmanned Aircraft Accident” Excludes Model Aircraft
9/10/2015NTSB Issues Update on the British Airways Engine Fire at Las Vegas
9/9/2015Series of Errors by Flight Crew Caused Fatal Business Jet Crash, NTSB Says
9/9/2015NTSB Investigators to Probe Engine Fire on British Airways 777 in Las Vegas
9/8/2015NTSB to Hold Forum Addressing Inflight Loss of Control in Fixed-Wing General Aviation Aircraft
9/3/2015NTSB to Meet on Fatal Business Jet Accident
8/29/2015NTSB Opens Docket for 2015 Metrolink Accident
8/20/2015NTSB to Hold Back-to-School Event Highlighting Safe Transport of Children
8/19/2015NTSB Opens Investigation Into Tail Strike Accident in Charlotte, North Carolina
8/19/2015NTSB Launches Team to Gas Explosion in Washington State
8/12/2015NTSB to Offer Training on Emergency Communications Involved in Major Accidents and Incidents
8/11/2015Fatigue and Excessive Speed Caused Multi-Vehicle Accident in New Jersey
8/7/2015NTSB to Meet on Multivehicle crash in New Jersey
8/6/2015Statistics Show Slight Increase in Number of Fatal General Aviation Accidents
7/28/2015Lack of Consideration for Human Factors Led to In-Flight Breakup of SpaceShipTwo
7/23/2015NTSB to Meet on SpaceShipTwo Crash in California
7/23/2015Compliance With Southwest’s Stabilized Approach Criteria Could Have Prevented Hard Landing at LaGuardia International Airport
7/23/2015NTSB Study: ECP Brakes Out-Perform Other Systems; All Systems Substantially Improved by Increased Net Braking Ratio
7/14/2015NTSB to Participate in World’s Largest Fly-In Aviation Convention
7/14/2015NTSB Finds Damage From Inadequately Secured Cargo Caused Boeing 747 Crash in Bagram, Afghanistan
7/14/2015NTSB Investigation of 2014 Truck-Motorcoach Collision Results in Call for Survivability Enhancements, Event Data Recorders
7/10/2015NTSB to Meet on 747 Freighter Crash in Afghanistan and Truck–Motorcoach Collision in California
7/8/2015NTSB Calls on Amtrak to Record and Review Crewmember Actions and Reiterates Recommendations on Audio/Image Recorders
7/7/2015NTSB Vice Chairman Dinh-Zarr to Speak at FCCLA National Conference
6/26/2015NTSB Investigating Multi-Vehicle Crash in Tennessee
6/25/2015NTSB Investigates Sightseeing Plane Crash in Alaska
6/19/2015NTSB Releases Final Agenda for Investigative Hearing on Washington Metro Accident
6/17/2015NTSB Presents Safety Seminar on Instructional Accidents
6/10/2015NTSB Issues Second Update on its Investigation Into the Amtrak Derailment in Philadelphia
6/10/2015Lack of Timely Communication and a Vessel Separation Policy in Precautionary Waterways Led to Houston Ship Channel Accident; NTSB Reiterates Recommendation for a Vessel Separation Policy
6/9/2015NTSB: Defective Joint, Lack of Supporting Soil Caused East Harlem Gas Main Leak That Killed Eight, Destroyed Two Buildings
6/8/2015NTSB Issues Recommendation to Address Electrical Short Circuiting Hazards on Washington’s Metro System
6/8/2015NTSB Calls for Immediate Action on Collision Avoidance Systems for Vehicles; Cites Slow Progress as Major Safety Issue
6/5/2015NTSB to Meet on Collision in Houston Ship Channel and Natural-Gas Explosion in New York City
6/4/2015New Web Link to UPS 1354 Video
6/4/2015Information About the Recent OPM Cybersecurity Incident
6/2/2015NTSB to Reschedule Today’s Press Briefing on Special Investigation Report
6/1/2015NTSB to Hold a Press Briefing on Collision Avoidance Systems to Prevent and Mitigate Rear-End Crashes
6/1/2015NTSB Releases First–Ever Video Companion to Accident Report
5/27/2015NTSB Safety Alert Urges Pilots to ‘See and Be Seen’ in the Air
5/27/2015NTSB Releases Preliminary Agenda for Investigative Hearing on WMATA Smoke and Electrical Arcing Accident
5/22/2015NTSB Releases Video on Parasailing Safety
5/22/2015NTSB Safety Alert Encourages Drivers to Check Their Tires for a Safer Ride
5/20/2015NTSB Issues Update on its Investigation Into the Amtrak Derailment in Philadelphia
5/15/2015NTSB to Hold its Last Media Briefing on Amtrak Accident in Philadelphia
5/13/2015NTSB Investigates Train Derailment in Philadelphia
5/13/2015NTSB Opens Docket on Truck and Motorcoach Collision in California
5/13/2015NTSB to Hold Media Briefing on Amtrak Derailment
5/6/2015NTSB Investigates Freight Train Accident in North Dakota
5/1/2015Statement of NTSB Chairman Christopher A. Hart
4/29/2015NTSB Reviews the Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Onboard Video Systems
4/28/2015NTSB Investigates Freight Train Accident in New Mexico
4/28/2015CTA O’Hare Accident Caused By Fatigue, Misplaced Track Braking System
4/27/2015NTSB Opens Docket on Casselton, N.D. Crude-by-Rail Accident
4/27/2015NTSB To Meet on Chicago Transit Authority Accident
4/23/2015NTSB Opens Docket on Nov. 29, 1013 Commuter Flight Crash near St. Mary’s Airport in Alaska
4/21/2015NTSB Releases Video Safety Alert on Importance of Preflight Checks to Catch Flight Control Problems
4/14/2015NTSB Training Center Offers Classes for June through September
4/9/2015NTSB Chairman to Hold Press Availability on Rail Tank Car Issues at Texas Rail Facility
4/8/2015NTSB Opens Docket on Gulfstream Crash in Massachusetts
4/7/2015NTSB Opens Accident Docket on 2014 Houston Ship Channel Collision
4/7/2015NTSB Issues Safety Alerts Focusing on Improving General Aviation Safety for Pilots and Mechanics
4/6/2015NTSB Looks at Another Incident as Part of its Investigation Into the January Accident on the Washington Metro System
4/6/2015NTSB Issues Urgent Recommendations Calling For Improved Rail Tank Cars to Carry Flammable Liquids Such as Crude Oil and Ethanol
4/2/2015NTSB Issues Third Update on the Delta Flight 1086 Accident at LaGuardia
4/1/2015NTSB Releases Safer Seas 2014; An Annual Report of Marine Accident Investigations
3/31/2015T. Bella Dinh-Zarr Sworn in as NTSB Vice Chairman
3/27/2015Agenda for Multimodal Roundtable on Distractions in Transportation Now Available
3/26/2015NTSB Opens Docket on 2014 CTA Accident at O’Hare Station
3/24/2015NTSB Finds Trespassing to be the Probable Cause of Movie Set Accident in Jesup, Ga.
3/23/2015T. Bella Dinh-Zarr Sworn in as NTSB Member
3/20/2015NTSB To Host First Ever Multimodal Roundtable on Distractions in Transportation
3/20/2015NTSB Solicits Public Comment On Its Proposed Rulemaking To Update Description Of Board Products and Procedures For Hearings and Meetings
3/19/2015Final Agenda Announced for Rail Trespassing Forum
3/18/2015NTSB opens Docket on East Harlem, N.Y. Building Explosion
3/17/2015Christopher Hart Takes the Helm of the NTSB
3/11/2015NTSB To Hold Forum on the Dangers of Railroad Trespassing
3/9/2015NTSB Issues Second Update on the Delta Flight 1086 Accident at LaGuardia
3/9/2015NTSB Launches Go-Team to Collision in Houston Ship Channel Involving Two Vessels
3/6/2015NTSB Issues Brief Update on the Delta Air Lines Accident at LaGuardia
2/25/2015NTSB to Hold Second Press Briefing on Oxnard, Calif., Grade-Crossing Accident
2/24/2015NTSB Launches Go-Team to Grade Crossing Accident in Oxnard, CA
2/17/2015NTSB Gathering Information on CSX Crude Oil Train Derailment in West Virginia
2/12/2015NTSB Training Center Classes for March and April
2/11/2015NTSB Holds Photo Availability for News Media of Evidence from the WMATA Electrical Arcing and Smoke Accident
2/11/2015NTSB Urges Immediate Action on Emergency Response to Smoke in Tunnels
2/6/2015NTSB Urgent Rail Recommendations: 'Alerters' Watching for Human Engagement Should Not Be Misled by Automated Functions
2/5/2015NTSB to Hold Third Media Briefing on Metro North Accident
2/4/2015NTSB To Hold Investigative Hearing on WMATA Smoke and Electrical Arcing Accident
2/4/2015NTSB to Hold Media Briefing on Metro North Accident
2/3/2015NTSB Opens Docket on 2013 Crash of Boeing 747 Cargo Plane in Bagram, Afghanistan
2/3/2015NTSB Launches Go-Team to Metro North Accident in Westchester County, N.Y.
2/2/2015Acting Chairman Hart Announces Slight Drop in 2013 Transportation Fatalities in Most Categories; Rail Deaths Rise
1/27/2015NTSB Opens Accident Docket on Illinois Highway Crash
1/27/2015NTSB Releases Study To Better Manage Gas Pipeline Integrity
1/22/2015NTSB Calls for Better Ways to Find Aircraft Accident Sites and Retrieve Critical Flight Data
1/21/2015Update: NTSB To Provide Update on Investigation Into Last Week’s Metro Accident
1/20/2015NTSB Offers New Course for Legal Professionals
1/20/2015NTSB To Provide Update on Investigation Into Last Week’s Metro Accident
1/17/2015NTSB Statement Regarding Ongoing WMATA Accident Investigation
1/16/2015NTSB Releases Preliminary Report on WMATA Smoke and Electrical Arcing Accident in Washington, DC
1/14/2015NTSB Sends Investigative Team to Texas Accident Involving a Prison Bus and Train
1/13/2015Improving Rail Tank Car Safety, Commercial Trucking, Among the NTSB’s Most Wanted List for 2015
1/9/2015NTSB Set to Announce its 2015 Most Wanted List
1/6/2015FAA Mistakenly Released a Draft Internal Report During NTSB Investigation
1/2/2015NTSB Safety Alert Highlights Improving Visibility on the Rails