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Closing Remarks - Investigative Hearing on the Crash of United Parcel Service Co. (UPS Airlines) flight 1354, Airbus A300, Registration N155UP, on August 14, 2013 at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, Birmingham, Alabama
Deborah A.P. Hersman
Washington, DC

We have no other witnesses to testify, so the NTSB's investigative hearing into the crash of UPS Flight 1354 at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport is concluded. The record will remain open for additional materials requested during the hearing.
On behalf of my fellow Board members and the NTSB staff, I extend our appreciation to the participants at this hearing.
Thank you - to the witnesses for their testimony, and the parties and the party spokespersons for their cooperation. While each individual and organization represented here brings different knowledge to the table and has a different perspective, everyone has the same goal: to improve aviation safety.
I'd also like to acknowledge the NTSB staff from our Office of Aviation Safety and the support of staff from many NTSB offices.
The transcript is scheduled to be available to the parties and witnesses electronically within 7 days of completion of the hearing. Any corrections to the transcript by witnesses or parties should be sent to the Hearing Officer, Mr. Lovell, within 30 days of receipt of the transcript. Any documents or information identified during the hearing that a party agrees to furnish to the NTSB should also be sent to the Hearing Officer by that same date. Finally, each of the parties will be invited to put forward a submission; each submission will be evaluated and reviewed and placed in the docket for this accident.
The archive of today's hearing webcast will remain on the NTSB website for several months, and the hearing transcript and all of the materials entered into the record will become part of the public docket, along with other records of the investigation.
Today, we have shined a valuable light on the facts and circumstances of August 14 to better understand the crash and to prevent similar accidents in the future. Our investigation is ongoing, and we will continue to work diligently to finalize our report.
To the families and friends of the captain and first officer of Flight 1354: the words etched into the NTSB Training Center entryway are: "From tragedy we draw knowledge to improve the safety of us all." We will endeavor to do that.
Thank you for your participation.
We stand adjourned.