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Animations for Board Meeting on May 5, 1998
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Board Meeting

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Animations for Board Meeting on May 5, 1998

Board Meeting Animations - Collision of Tractor/Cargo Tank Semitrailer and Passenger Vehicle and Subsequent Fire

May 5, 1998

Yonkers, New York
October 9, 1997


Disclaimer: These simulations used scene surveys, highway design plans, witness statements, vehicle testing, vehicle plans and vehicle operating characteristics. These depictions do not represent nighttime, actual lighting, weather or visibility conditions at the time of the accident.

Four different views of the truck and car as they approach the accident site are shown:

Animation 1.Overhead view of the truck turning from Northbound Central Park Avenue to southbound and slowing to a stop. This first view displays the truck's approach and turn prior to stopping at the yield sign. The truck slows to about 4 to 5 mph to make this turn and needs to use the whole roadway. This view was used to determine the heading for the vehicle, to show the view from the truck driver's perspective.


Animation 2.Truckdriver's potential side view after stopping for 4 seconds - Eagle Premier approaching at 40 mph. Shows the truck driver's perspective after stopping for about 4 seconds and preceding. The view of the approaching car is partially obscured by the taxi, stopped at a red traffic signal, until just after the truck starts forward. The approaching car is traveling about 40 miles per hour.


Animation 3.Eagle Premier driver's potential view approaching at 40 mph. Shows the view of the car driver as he approached the truck, and the truck was turning into the roadway in front of him. The car approached at about 40 miles per hour in the simulation.



Overhead view of the approach and the accident - Eagle Premier at 40 mph. Overhead view that follows the car on the approach, through the accident, until the vehicles stop.




The simulations were produced on an HVE™ system using EDVTS™, EDVSM™ and EDGEN™ programs. All of the programs are trademarks of the Engineering Dynamics Corporation.

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