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Animations for Board meeting on 7/21/99
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Board Meeting

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Animations for Board meeting on 7/21/99

Board Meeting Animations - Collision of Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District Train 102 With a Tractor-Trailer

July 26, 1999

Portage, Indiana
June 18, 1998


These videos were presented at the Board meeting on 7/21/99 in Washington, D.C.

The animation clips depict the last 60 seconds of motion for the Northern Indiana Commuter Transport District (NICTD) two car passenger train which struck the second semitrailer of a long combination vehicle (LCV) that consisted of a tractor pulling two flatbed semitrailers loaded with steel coils at the Midwest Steel Plant highway-rail grade crossing near Portage, Indiania. The position of the truck with trailers, recorded speeds for the NICTD commuter train, NICTD train's brake application, the operation of the grade crossing gates and signals, and the motion of a Conrail freight train operating on an adjacent track and going in the same direction, are also shown in the animation. Three segments of the animation are represented, a panning view, signals view and overhead view.

Animation 1.Panning View (1,273 K)
The panning view depicts the accident scene from above and pans to follow the motion of the NICTD train on its track to the grade crossing.




Animation 2.Signals View (707 K)
The signals view focuses on the operation of the crossing gates.




Animation 3.Overhead View (552 K)
The overhead view focuses on the grade crossing and position of the truck and trailers for the time of impact with the NICTD commuter train.

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