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Animations for Board Meeting on July 25, 2000
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Board Meeting

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Animations for Board Meeting on July 25, 2000

Board Meeting Animations - Crash During Landing, Federal Express, Inc., Flight 14, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, N611FE, Newark International Airport

July 25, 2000

Newark, New Jersey
July 31, 1997


The following graphical reconstructions utilize available data from the Flight Data Recorder aboard the accident aircraft. The reconstructions may not accurately represent the actual weather conditions at the time of the incidents.

Accident Animation (RealVideo, 402kb)
On July 31, 1997, at 0130 EDT, Federal Express cargo flight 14, a McDonnell Douglas MD-11, N611FE, crashed while landing on runway 22R at Newark IAP, Newark, NJ. The airplane experienced a hard landing, bounced, and the right main landing gear collapsed on the second touchdown. A fire broke out after the airplane came to a stop and destroyed the airplane. VFR conditions prevailed at the time, and the two pilots and three other company personnel received minor injuries. The flight originated at Anchorage, AK, and was on an IFR flight plan.

Previous Landing (RealVideo, 477kb)
Previous landing animation. This animation shows the previous uneventful landing of the aircraft at Anchorage.



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