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Animation for Aircraft Accident, Weehawken, New Jersey, January 15, 2009
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Board Meeting

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Animation for Aircraft Accident, Weehawken, New Jersey, January 15, 2009

May 4, 2010
Aircraft Accident Report - Loss of Thrust in Both Engines After Encountering a Flock of Birds and Subsequent Ditching on the Hudson River, US Airways Flight 1549, Airbus A320-214, N106US
Weehawken, New Jersey
January 15, 2009



Flight Path
Ditching of U.S. Airways Fight 1549, Airbus A320, N106US,
in the Hudson River

Weehawken, New Jersey
January 15, 2009
Board Meeting


Animation Description/Disclaimer

This animation depicts the flight path of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 in Weehawken, New Jersey, on January 15, 2009. The animation begins after the airplane’s takeoff from La Guardia Airport at 3:26:50 PM EST and ends with the ditching in the Hudson River. Flight data recorder and radar flight path information is displayed on a satellite photo illustration of the area. Near the end of the flight, the animation transitions to surveillance video from Pier 88, which captured the landing. Selected comments from the cockpit voice recorder transcript are displayed as text. The animation audio consists of portions of the recorded air traffic control communications.

The airplane’s speed, altitude, and local time are displayed in the lower portion of the screen.

Selected CVR comments:

03:26:54         HOT-1            flaps up.
03:27:07         HOT-1            after takeoff checklist complete.
03:27:10         HOT-1            birds.
03:27:11         CAM               [sound of thump/thud(s) followed by shuddering sound]
03:27:14         HOT-2            uh oh.
03:27:15         HOT-1            we got one rol- both of 'em rolling back.
03:27:18         HOT-1            ignition, start.
03:27:21         HOT-1            I'm starting the APU.
03:27:23         HOT-1            my aircraft.
03:27:24         HOT-2            your aircraft.
03:27:28         HOT-1            get the QRH... loss of thrust on both engines.
03:27:32         RDO-1            mayday mayday mayday.  uh this is uh Cactus fifteen thirty nine hit birds, we've lost thrust (in/on) both engines we're turning back towards LaGuardia.
03:27:46         RDO-1            two two zero.
03:27:50         HOT-2            if fuel remaining, engine mode selector, ignition.* ignition.
03:27:55         HOT-2            thrust levers confirm idle.
03:27:58         HOT-1            idle.
03:28:02         HOT-2            airspeed optimum relight. three hundred knots. we don't have that.
03:28:10         RDO-1            we're unable. we may end up in the Hudson.
03:28:14         HOT-2            emergency electrical power... emergency generator not online.
03:28:19         HOT-1            (it?s/is) online.
03:28:21         HOT-2            ATC notify. squawk seventy seven hundred.
03:28:25         HOT-1            yeah. the left one's coming back up a little bit.
03:28:30         HOT-2            distress message, transmit. we did.
03:28:34         RDO-1            unable.
03:28:49         RDO-1            I'm not sure we can make any runway. uh what's over to our right anything in New Jersey maybe Teterboro?
03:28:59         TCAS             monitor vertical speed.
03:29:00         HOT-2            no relight after thirty seconds, engine master one and two confirm, off.
03:29:03         RDO-1            yes.
03:29:07         HOT-1            off.
03:29:10         HOT-2            wait thirty seconds.
03:29:11         PA-1               this is the Captain brace for impact.
03:29:14         GPWS            one thousand.
03:29:25         RDO-1            we can't do it.
03:29:28         RDO-1            we're gonna be in the Hudson.
03:29:37         GPWS            too low. terrain.
03:29:41         GPWS            too low. terrain.
03:29:43         GPWS            too low. terrain.
03:29:44         HOT-2            no relight.
03:29:45         HOT-1            ok lets go put the flaps out, put the flaps out.
03:29:45         EGPWS         caution. terrain.
03:29:48         EGPWS         caution. terrain.
03:29:48         HOT-2            flaps out?
03:29:49         EGPWS         terrain terrain. pull up. pull up.
03:30:01         HOT-2            got flaps out.
03:30:03         HOT-2            two hundred fifty feet in the air.
03:30:04         GPWS            too low. terrain.
03:30:06         GPWS            too low. gear.
03:30:06         CAM-2            hundred and seventy knots.
03:30:13         GPWS            caution terrain.
03:30:15         HOT-2            hundred and fifty knots.
03:30:17         HOT-2            "got flaps two, you want more?"
03:30:19         HOT-1            no lets stay at two.
03:30:21         HOT-1            got any ideas?
03:30:23         EGPWS         caution terrain.
03:30:23         CAM-2            actually not.
03:30:38         HOT-1            we're gonna brace.
03:30:38         HOT-2            * * switch?
03:30:40         HOT-1            yes.
03:30:43         CAM               [End of Recording]

ATC Communications used in animation audio:

UNKN            seventy (garbled)
L116               everyday
BTA2750       new york jetlink twenty seven sixty is five thousand turning right one five zero
L116               jetlink twenty seven sixty climb maintain one zero thousand
BTA2760       one zero thousand jetlink twenty seven sixty
L116               cactus fifteen forty nine turn left heading two seven zero
AWE1549      ah this is cactus fifteen thirty nine hit birds we lost thrust in both engines we're turning back towards laguardia
L116               okay yea you need to return to laguardia turn left heading two two zero
AWE1549      two two zero
L116               tower stop your departures we got an emergency returning
LGA                who is it
L116               it’s fifteen twenty nine he ah bird strike he lost all engines he lost the thrust in the engines he is returning immediately
LGA                cactus fifteen twenty nine which engines
L116               he lost thrust in both engines he said
LGA                got it
L116               cactus fifteen twenty nine if we can get it to you do you want to try to land runway one three
AWE1549      were unable we may end up in the hudson
L116               jetlink twenty seven sixty turn left zero seven zero
BTA2760       left turn zero seven zero jetlink twenty seven sixty
L116               alright cactus fifteen forty nine its going to be left traffic to runway three one
AWE1549      unable
L116               okay what do you need to land
L116               cactus fifteen forty nine runway four is available if you want to make left traffic to runway four
AWE1549      i am not sure if we can make any runway oh what's over to our right anything in new jersey maybe teterboro
L116               okay yea off to your right is teterboro airport
L116               do you want to try and go to teterboro
AWE1549      yes
L116               teterboro uh empire actually laguardia departure got an emergency inbound
TEB                okay go ahead
L116               cactus fifteen twenty nine over the georg

e washington bridge wants to go to the airport right now
TEB                he wants to go to our airport check does he need any assistance
L116               ah yes he ah he was a bird strike can i get him in for runway one
TEB                runway one that's good
L116               cactus fifteen twenty nine turn right two eight zero you can land runway one at teterboro
AWE1549      we can't do it
L116               okay which runway would you like at teterboro
AWE1549      we're gonna be in the hudson
L116               i'm sorry say again cactus
L116               jetlink twenty seven sixty contact one two six point eight
BTA2760       twenty six eight jetlink twenty seven sixty
L116               cactus ah cactus fifteen forty nine radar contact is lost you also got newark airport off your two o’clock and about seven miles
L116               eagle flight forty seven eighteen turn left heading two one zero
EGF4718       two one zero un forty seven eighteen i don't know i think he said he was going in the hudson
L116               cactus fifteen twenty nine uh you still on
L116               cactus fifteen twenty nine if you can ah you got ah runway two nine available at newark off your two o'clock and seven miles
L116               eagle flight forty seven eighteen climb maintain one two thousand
EGF4718       okay one two thousand and ah leaving five and two eighty heading
L116               and eagle flight forty seven eighteen i'm sorry i missed that say again
EGF4718       and uh we're up to twelve thousand uh two eighty on the heading
L116               okay thank you eagle flight forty seven eighteen turn left two two zero
EGF4718       two two zero forty seven eighteen



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