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Panelist Biographies
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Panelist Biographies

Airline Code-Sharing Arrangements and Their Role in Aviation Safety


John Delisi -Dave Helson - Frank Hilldrup - Erik Grosof - Deborah Hall

John DeLisi, Deputy Director, Office of Aviation Safety, NTSB, has been with the National Transportation Safety Board for since 1992, serving as Deputy Director of the Office of Aviation Safety for the past two years.  He began his career with the Safety Board as an Aircraft Systems Engineer in the Aviation Engineering Division, and was an on-scene investigator for 20 major airline accidents and 6 international investigations.  He authored 16 safety recommendation letters that have led to improvements on air carrier airplanes such as the B737, B747, B757, B767, and A‑320.  Mr. DeLisi became Chief of the Aviation Engineering Division, which is responsible for investigating the airworthiness of aircraft involved in major aviation accidents.  He also served as the Chief of the Major Investigations Division and oversaw over a dozen major airline accident investigations, including the investigation of the Comair Flight 5191 accident in Lexington, Kentucky.   

Mr. DeLisi has presented technical papers at conferences sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Flight Safety Foundation, the International Aviation Safety Association, and has been the Sigma Series Lecturer at the NASA Langley Research Center.  He is a recipient of the Safety Board’s Managing Director’s Award and has twice been nominated for the Safety Board’s Dr. John Lauber Award for technical excellence in accident investigation.                  

Mr. DeLisi is a cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and has done graduate work in Engineering Management at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  He also holds a private pilot certificate and has multi-engine, instrument, and aerobatic experience.   Prior to joining the Safety Board, Mr. DeLisi spent 10 years as a Flight Test Engineer with McDonnell Douglas, where he was involved in flight test programs on F-15 and  F/A-18 aircraft.  - Back to Top of Page

David L. Helson, Senior Air Safety Investigator, Operational Factors Division, has been employed by the National Transportation Safety Board’s Operational Factors Division since the summer of 2008 and has served as the Operations Group Chairman or Operations Group member on six aviation accident or incident investigations.  He recently served as the Operations Group chairman for the investigation of a midair collision over the Hudson River and as the co-chairman of the Operations/Human Performance Group during the investigation of US Airways flight 1549 ditching on the Hudson River.  He has more than eighteen years experience in air carrier operations management, training, and line flight operations.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Technology in 1988 from Arizona State University and holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with five type ratings.  - Back to Top of Page

Frank Hilldrup, International Aviation Safety Specialist, Office of Aviation Safety, NTSB, has worked as an international aviation safety specialist in the Office of Aviation Safety since 2007. In this capacity, he assists in the oversight, coordination, and management of international aviation safety matters for the NTSB. Prior to his current assignment, he was an Investigator-in-Charge (IIC) in the Major Investigations Division from 1999-2007. As an IIC, Mr. Hilldrup directed numerous Go-Team launches and major investigations in the U.S. and overseas, and prior to that he worked in the Aviation Engineering Division as a group chairman for the various airworthiness groups. Since joining the Safety Board in 1988, he has participated on-scene in more than 50 major accident investigations and served as the U.S. Accredited Representative or Technical Advisor on more than 15 international accidents. Mr. Hilldrup is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and has a private pilot certificate with an instrument rating.


John Barbagallo - Arthur Beckand - Roger Cohen - Ellen Dolinar - John S. Duncan - Bradley Elstad - Kenneth Hylander - John Kausner - L. Nick Lacey - Dayton Lehman, Jr. - Mark Lennon - Mark Millam - Kevin Mitchell - Captain Paul Morell - Captain John Prater - Michael Quiello - Deborah Thompson - Lois Turner

John Barbagallo, Manager, International Programs and Policy Division, has been with the FAA since 1990, serving in international capacities since 1993. His previous assignments were as Assistant Manager and then Manager of the New York International Field Office, Manager of the Frankfurt Germany International Field Office and then Assistant Manager at the International Policy Division in Washington. John also served as the Technical Branch Manager at Eastern Region in New York City for 8 years before returning to Washington DC. Before joining the FAA John was employed by General Electric Aircraft Engines in Ohio.   - Back to Top of Page

Arthur Beckand, EASA Legal Adviser, Executive Directorate, a Dutch national, obtained a law degree from the University in Leiden. He has spent the first part of his professional life in the Dutch Civil Aviation Department between 1998 and 2005. He has been a legal adviser, mainly dealing with appeal proceedings. He has been working as a legal adviser in the EASA Legal Department. Since 2008 he has been working with the EASA Rulemaking Directorate for the development of the implementing rules for air operations.  - Back to Top of Page

Roger Cohen, President, Regional Airline Association (RAA) leads the association whose member airlines operate more than one half the scheduled flights in the U.S., including 75 per cent of the airports whose only service is provided by regional airlines, in December, 2006,.

Cohen brings to RAA extensive experience as a trusted and committed advocate who has personally represented organizations and businesses in 35 state capitols, dozens of city halls, numerous Federal agencies and in Congress.

 Prior to joining RAA, Cohen served as past vice president, regional affairs, for the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association and spent more than 15 years with the Air Transport Association (ATA), where he served as managing director/staff vice president, state and local government affairs. Prior to his time at the ATA, Cohen was president of Pro Advocates Inc., a Southern California-based public affairs consulting firm that conducted corporate communications, government affairs and association management for clients including TWA, Avis, First Gray Line and Hakuhodo International. He also worked for 10 years at Trans World Airlines, where he held the titles of regional director, civic affairs, and regional manager, corporate communications.

Cohen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., where he was a McCormick Scholar recipient in urban affairs studies at the Medill School of Journalism.   - Back to Top of Page

Ellen Dolinar, Senior Manager, Corporate Safety has more than 15 years of experience in the commercial airline industry, ranging from frontline operational positions to her current role of senior manager for Corporate Safety at Republic Airways Holdings, where she is responsible for administering the Republic Airways emergency-response plan, including its Family Assistance program. Ellen also oversees OSHA compliance and, has in the past, ensured the company has conducted hazmat shipping and environmental issues within regulations.

Ellen’s broad industry experience is integral to her role within the unique structure of Republic Airways, where she interfaces with the critical operational and safety components of all five of Republic’s certificated carriers and works closely with her Safety counterparts at the Company’s five legacy airline partners.

Ellen, who joined Republic in 2000, worked in other positions in safety and regulatory compliance within the Company before assuming her current role. Her earlier duties included auditing code-share stations and maintenance facilities and managing the Company’s Internal Evaluation Program. Prior to these positions, she held a role within the Company’s Human Resources division.

Before joining Republic, Ellen worked for PSA Airlines as a flight attendant and owned and operated a graphics art production company in New York City.

Ellen holds a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute and maintains OSHA 511 and 501 certificates for General Industry.  She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House of Indianapolis.  - Back to Top of Page

John S. Duncan, Manager, Flight Standards Air Transportation Division, FAA, joined the FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1986.  John served as a Principal Operations Inspector and Unit Supervisor in Cincinnati. 

In 1992 John became the Manager of the Houston Flight Standards District Office.  In Houston his responsibilities included the Continental Airlines and Continental Express air carrier certificates as well as a wide range of general aviation activities.  John served as the Assistant Flight Standards Division Manager for the Central Region in 1997.  From 1998 to 2007 John was the Alaskan Region Flight Standards Division Manager.  In January, 2007 John became the manager of the General Aviation and Commercial Division moving to the Air Transportation Division Manager position in December, 2008. 

John began flying in 1964 at Titusville, Florida.  He worked as a flight instructor, chief pilot, chief flight instructor, corporate pilot, and air carrier pilot during his 20-year industry career.  John holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with commercial privileges in seaplanes and gliders, and is a Certified Flight Instructor.  - Back to Top of Page

Bradley Elstad, Vice President, Safety and Regulatory Compliance, is responsible for the administration of Republic Airways Holdings’ safety department at its corporate headquarters in Indianapolis. Brad’s commitment to the aviation industry is reflected in his nearly 20 years’ experience in various operational and safety/regulatory compliance positions with Part 121 airlines.

He was appointed to his current position with Republic Airways Holdings in October of 2007. From 1995 through 2007, he held positions at US Airways’ wholly-owned subsidiary PSA Airlines, initially within the airline’s System Operations Control (SOC), and concluding with his seven-year tenure as the Company’s Director of Safety and Regulatory Compliance. He has also provided graduate-level aviation coursework instruction at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Dayton-area campus in Ohio.

Brad holds a commercial, multi-engine pilot license and is also a certificated aircraft dispatcher. He received his Bachelors Degree from St. Cloud State University and his Masters Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  - Back to Top of Page

Kenneth J. Hylander, Senior Vice President, Corporate Safety, Security & Compliance, Delta Air Lines, Inc. is responsible for management and performance of the airline's overall safety and security programs and serves as the FAR 119.65 Director of Safety. In addition to safety and security, he is also responsible for internal evaluation, and environmental compliance and sustainability programs. Appointed to this role in October, 2008, as part of the Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines merger, he is also responsible for representing Delta’s safety, security and compliance interests with regulatory bodies worldwide.
Hylander was with Northwest Airlines in the role of Senior Vice President – Safety and Engineering, Chief Safety Officer prior to the merger. He joined Northwest in September, 1997 as the Vice President of Engineering. Prior to that, Hylander spent nearly 17 years at United Airlines where he held a variety of engineering, quality assurance, and operations management positions.

Hylander is the current chairman of the Delta Connection Safety Alliance where he oversees the broad programs used by the nine (9) airline alliance to ensure integrity in worldwide operations. He serves on the Flight Safety Foundation Board of Governors and also is a senior advisor to the United States Air Force's Fleet Viability Board. He is the past chairman of the Air Transport Association's (ATA) Engineering, Maintenance and Material Council. In addition, he has chaired the ATA’s Airworthiness Engineering and the Avionics Systems Engineering Committees as well as been a member of the ATA’s Senior Advisory Committee. He is past chair of the 3,500 member American Society for Quality's Aviation, Space and Defense Division.

Hylander graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He currently serves on the university’s College of Engineering Advisory Council. He obtained a master's degree in business administration from California State University.  - Back to Top of Page

John Kausner’s daughter, Elly, was one of the 50 people killed as a result of the crash of Continental Connection flight 3407 in Buffalo, New York, on February 12, 2009. Elly was a second year law student at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, FL. John is owner and operator of Hallmark Construction in Buffalo, NY.     - Back to Top of Page

L. Nick Lacey, Chief Operating Officer, Morten Beyer & Agnew (mba), joined Morten Beyer & Agnew (mba) in September 2001. L. Nick Lacey serves as Chief Operating Officer.  Mr. Lacey joined mba after serving as the Director of Flight Standards for the FAA, where he served since January 1999.  Mr. Lacey retired from the United States Air Force at the rank of Colonel, having held positions as Program Manager of the Department of Defense (DoD) Air Carrier Survey and Analysis Division, and as the Deputy Commander of the 89th Operations group assigned to the air transportation of the national leadership.  Mr. Lacey earned his Bachelor of Science Degree at Wagner College in New York and his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Puget Sound.  He is a licensed Air Transport Pilot and a United States Air Force Flight Examiner and Flight & Simulator Instructor.    - Back to Top of Page

Mark Millam, Director of Safety & Compliance, Compass Airlines, A Delta Connection Carrier, since February 2010, has 29 years of experience in airline operations and safety. Before coming to Compass Airlines he was the Director of Safety at Northwest Airlines for nearly 5 years. He represented Northwest Airlines on the ATA Safety Council and one of the special focus items of his position at Northwest and through the Delta merger was to manage a Safety Alliance and associated safety standards between Delta and all Delta Connection Carriers. Prior to that, he held several technical positions at Northwest including Chief Engineer, Director of Powerplant Engineering, Director of Engineering Standards, Manager of Reliability, Manager of Systems Engineering. Mark has a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology.  - Back to Top of Page

Dayton Lehman Jr., Principal Deputy Assistant General Counsel, Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings, U. S. Department of Transportation, is a graduate of the National Law Center at George Washington University in Washington DC. He has over 30 years experience with the U.S. Federal Government involving aviation consumer protection, enforcement, and licensing.

With the Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings, Dayton supervises a staff of 40 attorneys, transportation industry analysts, and support staff. The Enforcement Office monitors compliance with and investigates violations of DOT’s aviation economic requirements, including consumer protection, civil rights, and unauthorized operations issues involving U.S. and foreign carriers, and provides the legal review for the licensing of new airlines.   - Back to Top of Page

Mark Lennon, Head of Operational Risk & Compliance, British Airways, reports to the Director of Safety & Security at British Airways (BA) and has been a member of the Corporate Safety & Security department since 2003. A key responsibility covers the teams involved in conducting audits of partner airlines, providing an assessment of safety risks to the internal reviews of such prospective and ongoing relationships. Mark’s other responsibilities include provision of safety and risk data to all the major internal safety reviews board across the company, covering flight, ground, cargo and maintenance operations. Mark has also been actively involved in the IOSA programme, contributing through the IOSA Oversight Committee for a number of years and now holds a position on the steering group of the Committee.

Prior to joining the Corporate Safety team, Mark spent ten years in the BA network Operations Control department in a variety of roles. Latterly, his responsibilities included auditing of ground service safety compliance across the BA worldwide network, as well as auditing of the ground elements of partner airlines. At that time he also had responsibility for Emergency Response Planning, which included the strategic command centre and meeting the family assistance requirements in the territories BA operated to. Prior to this role, the major responsibility was for IT systems and business development for Operations Control, which included implementation of systems and data feeds from franchise partner airlines to meet operational support requirements. Mark joined British Airways in 1984 and spent his early years in IT design, development and support, covering a number of business departments ranging from schedules planning and reservations to revenue management.   - Back to Top of Page

Kevin Mitchell, Chairman, Business Travel Coalition (BTC) is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. Mitchell worked for CIGNA Corp. for 12 years where as Vice President, Human Resources and Services, his responsibilities included:

• Corporate Travel
• Corporate Aviation
• Meetings and Incentives
• Event Marketing
• Communications
• Corporate Safety
• Eagle Lodge Conference Resort

With support from CIGNA Corporation and 16 other major corporations Mitchell founded the Business Travel Contractors Corporation (BTCC) in 1994 as a corporate buying group to advance fundamental reforms to the airline industry distribution system. The broad industry shift to net airfares and travel agency fee-based pricing during the 1990s are initiatives BTCC advanced. In 1996, the Business Travel Coalition (BTC) was formed as an advocacy organization to represent the interests of corporate buyers of business travel services.

As BTC chairman, Mitchell writes and speaks on airline competition, travel distribution issues and aviation system security; he frequently testifies before Congress.  Additionally, BTC publishes Travelogue in 80 countries and advises major organizations in a variety of areas.

Mitchell was recognized by Business Travel News as one of the 25 most influential industry executives for 1994, 1996 and 1997 and was designated Man of the Year in 1998 by the Commercial Travelers Association and Person of The Year for 1998 and 1999 by Travel Agent Magazine.

Mitchell lives in Radnor, PA with his wife Linda, 16 year old son Brandon and Golden Retriever Tate.  - Back to Top of Page

Captain Paul Morell, Vice President, Safety and Regulatory Compliance serves as the airline’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-mandated director of safety, ensuring that required safety program elements have been established, implemented, and maintained throughout the airline.

Morell is an aviation veteran, previously serving as US Airways’ director, flight training and standards. He was also fleet captain for the US Airways’ Airbus A330, Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 fleets, overseeing pilot training and operational policies and procedures. Prior to joining US Airways, Morell was a US Navy aviation safety officer, where he managed a program of maintenance and aviation safety training and awareness during the fleet introduction of the F-14 aircraft.

Morell holds a master’s degree in business administration from National University in San Diego and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  - Back to Top of Page

Captain John Prater, President, Air Line Pilots Association, International is the eighth president of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), which represents the safety and other professional interests of 53,000 airline pilots in the US and Canada. He was elected by the union’s Board of Directors in 2006 and began his four-year term on Jan. 1, 2007.

Under Prater’s leadership, ALPA has taken an aggressive stance aimed at restoring strength within the union, defending the professional standards and interests of airline pilots, advancing safety issues such as flight crew fatigue, enhanced pilot training and professional development and reclaiming losses suffered when pilots helped to save the industry after the events of 9/11.

As ALPA’s chief executive and administrative officer, Prater oversees daily operations of the Association and presides over the meetings of ALPA’s governing bodies, which set policy for the organization. He is also chief spokesman for the union, advancing pilots’ views before Congress, Parliament, government agencies, and the news media.

He is a member of the NextGen Advisory Committee (formerly Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee), the NGATS Institute Management Council (IMC), and the NGATS Institute Executive Committee. He served as a member and co-chairman of the FAA Age 60 Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC).

Prater has served in positions ranging from the Continental pilots’ safety committee to chairman of the Continental pilots’ Master Executive Council (MEC), as well as vice chairman of the international Wings Alliance (now part of the Skyteam Alliance).

Currently a B-767 captain, Prater has flown the B-727, DC-8, DC-10, A300, B-757, and B-777, for passenger and cargo airlines during a piloting career that spans three and a half decades. Before joining Continental, he flew for a number of companies, including Buckeye, Skyway, the Wall Street Journal, United (as an instructor), and contract freight for UPS/Airborne. His experience spans several eras: He flew as a single pilot on night freight runs in WWII-era propeller airplanes and, more recently, was a member of ALPA’s working group addressing the development of the B-787.

A graduate of Parks College of St. Louis University with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology, Prater is a resident of Edwardsville, Ill., with his wife, Michele, and daughter, Alexandra.  - Back to Top of Page

Michael Quiello, Vice President, Corporate Safety, United Airlines' corporate headquarters in Chicago, joined United Airlines in January, 2009. Prior to that, Michael was Vice President – Corporate Safety, Security and Compliance at Delta Air Lines at the world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Michael began his airline career with Delta in 1981 as a B-727 Flight Engineer and served in areas of increasing responsibilities during his 28 years with that airline. In the mid 90s, he was appointed as the Assistant Chief Pilot in the New York domicile and progressed to Chief Pilot, System Manager of International Operations, General Manager and Chief Technical Pilot, Director of Fleets and Director of Flight Safety before assuming the role as Vice President in 2005. Michael Quiello has been qualified and flown as Captain on various commercial aircraft to include the MD-88, B-757, B-767, B-767-400 and the B-777. He also holds a seaplane and glider rating.

Michael is a member of various professional organizations and has served on a variety of industry committees to include the ATA International Operations Committee, the ATA Flight Training Committee, the IATA Flight Operations Committee, the ATA Safety Committee and the Flight Safety Foundation Board of Governors.

Married with three children, he is a native of New Haven, Connecticut. Michael is a former U.S. Marine Corps officer and a graduate of the U.S. Navy Flight School and flew EA-6, A-6 and TC-4C aircraft while on active duty. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut and is a graduate of the Aviation Safety and Security Certificate Program from The George Washington University.  - Back to Top of Page

Deborah Thompson, US Airways, Director , Emergency Planning & Response, is an airline veteran with a vast background in customer relations and crisis management.

She was the head of the humanitarian response for ten major accidents covering a period of time before the family assistance legislation and post legislation.

In the most recent US Airways’ emergency water landing in New York’s Hudson River she directed the company’s overall response and managed the assistance provided to the passengers.

 As the U.S. Federal legislation was being developed, following several fatal airplane accidents in the mid ‘90s, Deborah appeared before members of the U.S. Congress to help define the airline’s role in providing family assistance when major aviation accidents occur. The Aviation Disaster Assistance Act became law in 1996 and Deborah served as an airline representative to assist with implementation.

Currently, Deborah oversees Emergency Planning & Response for US Airways.  - Back to Top of Page

Lois Turner’s husband, Larry, was one of 49 people killed in the crash of Comair 5191 in Lexington, Kentucky, on August 27, 2006. Larry was associate dean and director of the Cooperative Extension Service at the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture. Lois teaches 7th and 8th grade math at Lexington Christian Academy.  - Back to Top of Page



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