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Engine Failure Subject of NTSB Investigative Hearing
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 Engine Failure Subject of NTSB Investigative Hearing

​WASHINGTON (July 24, 2018) — The National Transportation Safety Board announced Tuesday plans to hold an investigative hearing Nov. 14, 2018, as part of the agency’s ongoing investigation of the fatal, April 17, 2018, CFM International engine failure on Southwest Airlines flight 1380.

The one-day hearing, scheduled to be held in the NTSB’s Board Room and Conference Center, will focus on:

  • CFM International CFM56-7 series engine fan blade design and development history.
  • CFM International CFM56-7 series engine fan blade inspection methods and procedures.
  • Engine containment design and certification criteria.

“This was the first fatal accident involving a U.S. Part 121 air carrier in almost 10 years,” said John DeLisi, Director of NTSB’s Office of Aviation Safety.  “This hearing will be an important part of determining why this tragedy occurred and will provide investigators important factual data regarding the engine fan blade and engine inlet design and certification.”

The NTSB conducts investigative hearings to gather sworn testimony from witnesses on issues identified by the NTSB during a major transportation accident investigation. An investigative hearing differs from a board meeting in that no analysis is discussed at the investigative hearing – it is for fact-finding only. Like a board meeting, an investigative hearing is open to the public, affording an opportunity to observe the investigation’s progress.

Damage to cowl - inboard 

In this NTSB photo-illustration, damaged components of the left engine are identified as viewed from the inboard side of the CFM-56-B engine. During climb out following departure from New York’s LaGuardia Airport April 17, 2018, the engine experienced a failure of a fan blade which resulted in the loss of the inlet and cowling. Almost the entire inner and outer barrels of the inlet cowl were missing as were the forward and aft inlet bulkheads. (NTSB Photo-illustration)


NTSB previously issued an investigative update about the ongoing investigation.

Parties participating in the investigative hearing will be announced before the hearing.  Further investigative updates and investigative hearing information will be issued as events warrant. For the latest, follow the investigation on Twitter at @NTSB_Newsroom, or on our website at


Engine containment design and certification criteriaEngine containment design and certification criteria

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