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Testimony of Chairman Hersman - Hudson River Collision - Animation
Deborah A.P. Hersman
Washington, DC

This animation consists of a two-dimensional (2-D) depiction of preliminary radar flight path information of the August 8, 2009 mid-air collision of a Piper 32 aircraft with a Eurocopter helicopter.    The animation begins after the Piper’s departure from Teterboro airport, and continues until the collision.  The radar ground tracks for both aircraft are displayed on a satellite photo illustration of the area.  The 2-D animation is followed by a three-dimensional (3-D) representation of the collision.  The 3-D animation is a thirty second, chase view of the Piper 32 depicting the closure of the helicopter with the Piper, ending at the collision.  After the 3-D representation, post-collision photographs obtained from witnesses are shown as still images.
Selected comments from the Teterboro and Newark air traffic control (ATC) preliminary transcript are displayed as text, and the animation audio consists of portions of the recorded air traffic control communications. The animation does not depict the weather or visibility conditions at the time of the accident.