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Board Meeting - Aircraft Incident Report—Taxiway Overflight, Air Canada Flight 759, Airbus A320-211, C-FKCK, San Francisco, California, July 7, 2017 - Closing Statement
Robert L. Sumwalt
Washington, DC

In closing, I thank my colleagues for their preparation going into this board meeting, and for the good debate and discussion.

On behalf of the Board, a sincere “thank you” not only to the investigative and writing staff but to the support and program staff as well.

The recommendations we adopted today, if acted on, will improve consistency for flight crews in the methods used to autotune or manually set lateral navigation guidance in flight management systems.

They also include identifying better ways to present preflight and in-flight information about airport conditions and other relevant data. And they include actions to examine methods to more effectively identify closed runways.

Additional recommendations, if implemented, would result in systems on aircraft and at airports to alert pilots and air traffic controllers when an airplane is not lined up with a runway surface.

The incident that we discussed today should drive home just how costly such a mistake could be. If today’s recommendations are acted upon, we will have taken steps to ensure the circumstances of this incident don’t happen again.

We urge recipients to act on these recommendations to further improve aviation safety, so that we do not have to re-learn the lessons of this incident at a far greater cost.

We stand adjourned.