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Ensure the Safe Shipment of Hazardous Materials
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 Ensure the Safe Shipment of Hazardous Materials

Safe Shipment of HazMat graphic

More than 2 million miles of pipeline deliver 24 percent of the natural gas and 39 percent of the total oil consumed in the United States, yet only 16 percent of U.S. rail tank cars carrying flammable liquids meet the improved safety specifications for DOT-117/DOT-117R cars. As infrastructure ages, the risk to the public from pipeline ruptures also grows, and older, more dangerous tank cars continue to carry flammable liquids.

We are calling on the railroad industry to meet existing federal deadlines for replacing or retrofitting rail tank cars, and on the pipeline industry to conduct adequate risk assessments. Failure to meet safety standards by—or ahead of—deadlines places communities near railroads or above pipelines at an unacceptable risk.

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