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Special Investigation Report: Organizational Factors in Metro-North Railroad Accidents
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 Special Investigation Report: Organizational Factors in Metro-North Railroad Accidents



Executive Summary

During the time period between May 2013 and March 2014 the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) launched investigative teams to five significant accidents on the Metro-North Railroad (Metro-North): (1) the May 17, 2013, derailment and subsequent collision in Bridgeport, Connectivut; (2) the May 28, 2013, employee fatality in West Haven, Connecticut; (3) the July 18, 2013, CSX drailment on Metro-North tracks in The Bronx, New York; (4) the December 1, 2013, derailment in The Bronx, New York; and (5) the March 10, 2014, employee fatality in Manhattan, New York. In combination, these accidents resulted in 6 fatalities, 126 injuries, and more than $28 million in damages.

This special investigation report discusses all five of the recent Metro-North accidents investigated by the NTSB, examines some of the common elements of these accidents, and addresses the steps that Metro-North, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), and the Federal Railroad Administration have taken as a result of these investigations. This report also highlights lessons learned and provides recommendations to Metro-North, MTA, and several other entities to improve railroad safety on Metro-North and elsewhere.


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Board Meeting 11/19/2014

Investigative Hearing 11/6-7/2013

NTSB Number: SIR-14-04
NTIS Number: PB2015-101211
Adopted: 11/19/2014