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Transportation Family Assistance Operations, Planning, & Training
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 Transportation Family Assistance Operations, Planning, & Training

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Transportation Family Assitance Operations and Planning

The NTSB TDA Division frequently partners with members of the family assistance response community or those agencies and organizations that have a role in family assistance operations in some capacity, to provide guidance and support but are not identified in the Federal Family Assistance Legislation or the NTSB Federal Family Assistance Plans. These can include organizations or agencies from federal, local, state, tribal, or foreign governments and entities, the transportation industry, private sector, or disaster relief organizations involved in responding to and planning for family assistance during transportation accidents. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of on-scene responses, the NTSB TDA Division is a unique resource available to provide guidance and support.

Additional resources that may assist with family assistance planning efforts can also be found under the Transportation Family Assistance Resources Library.

Family Assistance Presentations, Training Workshops, & Courses

In addition to providing guidance, support and resources to the family assistance response community, the TDA Division offers family assistance presentations and training workshops on family assistance operations after transportation disasters. The TDA Division also provides a 3-day course dedicated to family assistance at our NTSB Training Center in Ashburn, Virginia.

These training opportunities assist with the family assistance operations planning process and can better prepare organizations and agencies to work with and learn about the TDA Division, and address the fundamental concerns of survivors, families, and friends in the aftermath of a transportation accident.

For those interested in family assistance training opportunities, please visit NTSB TDA Training Opportunities.

If the TDA Division can assist you with questions or guidance related to family assistance operations and planning, or the resources provided, please contact the TDA Division directly.


NTSB TDA Training Opportunities

Photo of a class.TDA Training Workshops & Presentations

The NTSB TDA Division frequently provides training workshops and presentations to the family assistance response community across the United States that involve response community members from federal, local, state, tribal and foreign governments and entities, transportation industry, private sector, and disaster relief or humanitarian organizations, who have roles and responsibilities in family assistance operations and planning.

If you would like to learn more about TDA training workshops and presentations, please contact the TDA Division directly or complete an Outreach Training Request Form.


Photo of the Training Center.NTSB Training Center

The NTSB Training Center is the training facility for the NTSB located in Ashburn, Virginia. This center provides training courses developed for the transportation safety community to include those involved in family assistance operations.

The following NTSB Training Center course is currently available to attend:


Family Assistance (TDA301): This course is developed for commercial transportation officials, representatives of federal agencies, staff of non-governmental relief organizations and emergency managers, this course is instrumental in understanding how any organization involved in the accident response can most effectively support the family assistance efforts.

If you would like to learn more about or register for any training courses available through the NTSB Training Center, please visit the NTSB Training Center page for additional information.